7 Most Easy Hairstyles you’d love to do!

7 Most Easy Hairstyles you’d love to do!

“ I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her Hairdresser”

Joan Crawford

The most important thing a woman notices before going out is the way her hair looks. She becomes extremely angry and disheartened when she has a Bad hair day. The hair on a Bad hair day is impossible to manage and needs a lot more effort than normal days. Also, we woman sometimes get utterly confused about what hairstyle to do with an outfit. Think of a sweet romantic date by the riverside and you’ve wore the best Black dress and now you get confused about what to do with your hair. So here we will be bringing to you the top 7 hairstyles that are so in fashion and is extremely easy to tie up. The Hair problem will vanish in no time. So are you ready to roll? Let's begin with the first Hairstyle. 

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1. The Twist and Pin Hair Technique: This is probably the easiest technique and you can do this in your car while going to work. For this, you would require some pins and a comb that’s it. So let's see what are the steps involved.

Step 1: Take about an inch of hair from the forehead region and start twisting it. You can twist it as much as you can.
Step 2: Now secure the twisted hair with the help of a bobby pin from down making an angle. Again take another bobby pin and attach to the first pin so that it makes an “X”. And your hairstyle is complete. No more steps.
2. The Knotted Low Bun: This is a hairstyle you can pair up with a dress or any formal outfit. This will look good if you're going for any Formal occasion. So let's see how to do it.

Step 1: First, you need to brush up your hair properly and then braid the whole length of your hair normally. You have to tie the base and the tail of the hair with proper bands. Now your hair looks fully braided up.

Step 2: Now take the braid and make a bun out of it. The support will be on the base and the bun will look messy. You can try and pin-up the strings of hair if you want. Your hair is ready. 

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3. The Fanned out Bun: Think of any occasion or your normal workday, this bun is your right choice for a Hot Summer afternoon work. You can easily make it without any problem. You can add extra volumes your hair with this. Let's see how to do it.

The Fanned out Bun

Step 1: First make a high ponytail after brushing your hair properly.

Step 2: Now, this is the most important step. With your Left hand grasp the end portion of your ponytail and with the right hand hold the middle portion of your hair just under the band. Now make two clear sections of your hair with the right hand and make space between them. Now release the tip of your hair that is in the left hand to go through that space you’ve created.

Step 3: Now use your both hands to fan out the bun. You can do it easily and secure the loose ends with some bobby pins. Your work’s done!

4. The Reverse French Twist Ponytail: This is a hybrid ponytail that you can do if you're going for a date or even to some occasion. This is easy to go hairstyle and can be done in minutes. 

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The Reverse French Twist Ponytail 

Step 1: First make a nice, frizz-free ponytail by brushing up your hair properly.

Step 2: Now twist the ponytail at the very start of it. That is, you need to make a fat twist with the Ponytail in the portion where the band is holding it. Now with another hand place some bobby pins just to secure that fat twist. And your Reverse French Twist Ponytail is ready to go.

5. The Grown-Up- Half Up: This is a new trend in the Fashion world which was started by the Bohemians. You can do this for a fun night out with friends or you may do this for attending weddings and other rituals occasions too.

The Grown-Up-Half Up

Step 1: After waking up in the morning make sure you divide the hair into two portions and make a slightly smaller ponytail with the hair from the upper portion of your head.

Step 2: Now take the ponytail and make a space between the hair and the band. Now you can reverse the ponytail keeping in mind the hair passes through the same space you created. Repeat this for at least 3 to 4 times and then secure the loose ends. Hooray! The hair is done.


6. The Mega Volume, Double Ponytail: Who doesn’t want their hair to look volume up. We all love it. You can do this trick to make your hair look voluminous. You can do this hairstyle for work. This high ponytail goes best with Formal work attire. 

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The Mega Volume, Double Ponytail

Step 1: First take up those hairs that are above your ears to make a high ponytail. Secure it with a band and make it quite high. Leave the hair behind the ears to hand loosely.

Step 2: Now brush all those leftover hair to make a perfect ponytail just beneath the upper ponytail. And that’s it. You are done with your High Ponytail.

7. The Modern Messy Bun: This is the easiest to go bun. You look dam sexy in this. The messy bun is a favourite to many people who love messy hairdo. You can do this for a casual date or friends meetup.

 The Modern Messy Bun

Step 1: Firstly brush your hair properly and make a high ponytail. Now use a hairband to stop all those loose hairs from frizzing the lookup. You have to keep your hairband an inch behind your hairline.

Step 2: Now twist the whole ponytail into a bun and attach bobby pins all over the head. You can use them on the sides to make sure your hair doesn’t fringe out. The hairstyle is done.

So these were some of the hairstyles which you can do easily without tearing your hair about what hairstyle to do every day. Moreover, the best hairstyle is to let your hair remain open but it's not possible in every case to have your hair open. So you can try these hairstyles and make your Bad hair days turn into Good ones. The most important thing for hair is to brush it up and make it look voluminous.

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So taking the best care for your hair is like your duty. Let's have a hairstyle that people will stand and stare!

Happy Styling from Sytaara.com 


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